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D3 Foundation Introduction to Radio

"We Stand" is D3 Foundation's introduction to Radio, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other music distribution as we seek to establish ourselves as THE resource for young Catholic musicians who desire to use their voice for the glory of God our father.  

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Rebekah Martinez Brings her Angelic VOice to Radio

“We Stand,” Rebekah’s first radio single from the upcoming album “All the Same”, showcases the power of her angelic voice as she tells a unique story of pain and tragedy met by prayer, hope and salvation on the sidewalk of an abortion house. As Rebekah, alongside other young and talented artists, put the finishing touches on their first D3 Foundation studio release, they hope their voices remind us all of the power of prayer and bring faith and works together in praise and worship of our Lord.



D3 Foundation Fact Sheet

A short summary of who we are and where we are going!